“Lacking Strength, Beauty Hates Understanding for Asking of Her What it Cannot Do,” Collegium Phaenomenologicum, Città de Castello, Italy, July 2011

Posted by Natalie Strobach on May 30, 2012
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I don’t even know how to begin a recap of the Collegium!  I feel so fortunate to have attended and to have presented my research (thanks largely to a travel grant from my home department). My paper was an examination of this one line from Hegel: “Lacking strength, Beauty hates Understanding for asking of her what it cannot do.” It fit wonderfully with the conference’s focus on both Hegel and Kant and discussed this curious limit for Beauty, the difficult relationship between Beauty and death.

The conference spans across the entire month of June and it is heading into it’s 37th year! It takes place in Perugia in a small city named Città di Castello. It’s a medieval city entirely enclosed by an old stone wall–very isolated and absolutely gorgeous. Just look!

I bookended the trip with two weeks of research in my favorite city, Paris, pre-Italy and two weeks post-Italy, so Città di Castello was quite a shock to the system in its rural beauty.

The structure of the conference is also quite unique. It begins with a select group of presenters and then each week after that has one set lecturer, a few discussants, and an evening of intimate discussion groups. You have breakfast, lunch, and dinner with your co-presenters and participants (all-in-all a few dozen phenomenologists from around the globe), so the debates go on into the wee hours of a sweet Italian summer and are only punctuated by breaks for more limoncello.

I’m going to start the deluge of photos with some snippits from the Paris portion of the voyage (I cannot resist).

One of the best parts of Paris--catching up with some of my oldest and dearest friends (and the tea by the Paris Mosque)!

Okay okay, one of the other best parts--filling suitcases with books.

While staying in the Marais, who can refuse a trip to the Musée Carnavalet...to see Marat!

One of my favorite artworks at the Musée Carnavalet. I'm so sad I did not note the artist.

Some sunbathing at the Place des Vosges

Paris perfection.

A little boat ride down the Seine

And now on to Italy:

A train ride into Perugia

Our larger lectures took place in a very lovely, very old meeting place for the Illuminati. Wow.

A woodsy park in the center of Città

The cobblestone path to the apartment in Città

Italian street art

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