“Post- :Remembering, Binding, Afterness.” Co-organizer (with Michael Graziano) for a panel at the Annual ACLA Conference in Brown University, April 2012.

Posted by Natalie Strobach on May 30, 2012
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Providence was wonderful; Brown is such a lovely campus! Michael Graziano and I had a fantastic time with our panelists and are overjoyed with how well the papers interacted with one another. The ACLA holds its place as my favorite conference. I love what they did with the program guide’s cover!


My paper, “Flipping Goan Atom: Binding and Idolatry in Bergvall and Cixous,” touched on many of the same things discussed in my forthcoming Angelaki article on Cixous and Bergvall and worked to better-develop my final dissertation chapter. The discussion on trauma that unfolded on my day–moving from papers on 9/11 to my discussion of trauma in binding was so rich. Here is how we arranged our papers across the three-day event:

A few shots from downtown Providence:


And finally, just a glimpse at the historic campus (the beautiful woodwork!) and the delicious seafood that Providence has to offer!




I am already planning my panel for next year’s meeting in Toronto!

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