Curated Confections: Vive la France

Posted by Natalie Strobach on February 05, 2014
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One of my absolute favorite historical moments is that of the French Revolution. I’m constantly amazed by its nuanced and artistically-driven creation (think, David’s Marat). So, it was with much joy that I discovered  The French Revolution Digital Archive, a result of a collaboration between Stanford University Libraries and the Bibliothèque nationale de France.

You could spend hours, even days there, so I’ll just share a small snippet!




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Curated Confections: Cindy Sherman and Hysteria

Posted by Natalie Strobach on January 22, 2014
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I want to begin a new series (as part of my rededication to blogging) where I post a “Curated Confection.” Wednesdays will host a gallery of artwork and such for your midweek musings. I hope to provide a general theme, but for the most part I want you to experience it on your own.

This week at the Chicago Institute of Psychoanalysis the seminar I am taking on Freud will focus on Hysteria–and most certainly on the case of Dora. I’d love if we all could chat about Cixous’ Portrait of Dora, but it’s a bit too extensive for this new series (but if you Tweet me about it, I’ll love you very very much!).

I thought instead we could look to Cindy Sherman, American director, photographer, and all-around brilliant woman. Chennie Huang did a great recap of her MOMA exhibit and I’ll be sharing a few photographs from that selection.















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