Curated Confections: Freud’s Wolf-Man

Posted by Natalie Strobach on November 03, 2014
Curated Confections

The Dream of the Wolf Man

Although it is seen as Freud’s most important case for its contribution to his theories on infantile sexuality, I have rarely heard this case discussed in literary circles (shocking really given Wolf-Man’s intense literary allusions). It’s quite lengthy, but I really want to encourage you to check it out.

It was the only one of Freud’s (five famous) case histories where we are able to see the entire span of the patient’s life. There is an additional case study to accompany Freud’s that was performed by Ruth Mack Brunswick, so it is fantastic for comparison.

You might also want to use, as accompanying texts, The Wolf-Man by the Wolfman: The Double Story of Freud’s Most Famous Case and Wolfman: Conversations with Freud’s Patient Sixty Years Later by Karin Obholzer. 

In seminar this week at the Psychoanalytic Institute we were advised to think on the analyzability of the Wolf-man (again take into consideration the two different analyses we do have). Wonderful food for thought.

Do not under any circumstance try to take a break from this exhaustive case history by grabbing a cup of tea and reading Lena Dunham’s Not That Kind of Girl where you will find no escape from obsessional neurosis. 😉

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